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Classroom App with Google Slides

I’m trying to find ways to stay connected to parents and students. This Google Slides App is a great way to connect. [...]

Google Slides to the rescue

Google slides are an integral part of my class. I use them to give and collect information and resources. Google Slides are great for: Missi [...]

EdChange Global

Here is a link to the slides Handout for this session. [...]

Google Applied Digital Skills – Gsuite tools made easy!

Use the ready-to-use digital video lessons, to teach practical digital skills for work and life. The lessons can be seamlessly integrated in [...]

YOU get a choice! YOU get a choice! EVERYbody gets a choice.

LACUE session #2265. Have your scholars create and publish artifacts and not just bubble and click a mouse. In this session, we will explore [...]

Missions, Challenges, and Choice Boards: Fun Creative Assessments

Choice boards / menus / missions all give your scholars the opportunity to complete multiple tasks that allow them to practice skills they� [...]

Creative Assessments: bubbling not welcome

At this time of year, many of us are looking for great ways to do test prep that don’t involve bubbling in circles to indicate the correct [...]

Animoto Videos to the Rescue

Tired of grading essays? Done with the multiple choice repetitive boring cycle? Try having your scholars create videos to show what they kno [...]

GooseChase Missions

I wanted to shake up our vocabulary lesson so I used GooseChase missions. I have had them complete missions before, but this was my first ti [...]

#BacktoSchool #LaEdChat Twitter Chat July 17th

I’m prepping for tonight’s Twitter Chat. I am in Baton Rouge tweeting from the A+PEL Summer Conference and I want to schedule my [...]
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