#TchrScolrs Tech Missions

This page is live but under construction.

I hope that we can use this page and these tech missions to try out different tech tools and create, collaborate and connect with one another.  If you are willing to work your way through a series of creative missions, you can begin to fill your tech tool toolbox with skills and resources that allow you to seamlessly integrate technology.  We can create an online community that allows us to experiment with tech tools, reflect on their effectiveness and share our successes and failures.

My goals:

  • Offer friendly, supportive, hands-on practice with tech tools
  • Build a community of educators who are adept at using digital tools that have proven to be useful in many classrooms
  • Support and encourage educators as they use digital tools for creation, collaboration, and reflection

Together, I want us to play in the digital sandbox, share our learning, and build a foundation for continued professional growth and technology integration. Alone, we are strong; together, we are invincible. (Maybe not really invincible, but stronger than when we are alone.)

#TchrScolrs Try Tech Tools

Each mission requires you to play with a tool and create an assignment / activity using your new toy. After creating an artifact, provide feedback on what you used the tool for, what you liked/disliked about the tool, and how you will integrate it into your classroom. Leave a response on this FlipGrid and share your work on this padlet so that we may all support your journey and applaud your effort

Here are some questions to guide you as you write your blog posts:
What did you create, and why?
What went well for you? What was challenging? What did you enjoy?
What ideas do you have for using this tool with your students, or for using this tool to communicate with families?


Below are your missions, Teacher Scholars, should you choose to accept them:


As always, should you or any of your students be confused or distressed, we, your learning network and I, will support your actions and work towards finding a solution. This website will always be here as a reference. Good luck, Teacher Scholars.

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