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Animoto Videos to the Rescue

Tired of grading essays?

Done with the multiple choice repetitive boring cycle?

Try having your scholars create videos to show what they know.

We want to encourage our scholars to become creators of content. It is no longer acceptable for them to just consume information. We have to provide them with tools, training and resources that require them to create multimedia artifacts that meshes together voice, images, music, and text.

Have your scholars create a photostory video instead. Photostories require students to curate images that depict important elements of the text read in class. Creating a digital story provides a wonderful opportunity to meet a variety of content area standards and opportunities for collaboration, creativity and innovation, research, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Don’t have them read, write and bubble, have them create the journey of a leaf eaten by an earthworm.  They can find images that make the facts come alive from beginning to end as if they were one of the digestive parts along the way.  

Or they can be

  • the youngest child of a Japanese family living in California, unfolding the facts and emotional experience of the Japanese internment camps.  
  • a decimal point, sharing your journey of being misunderstood and needing to clearly make a difference in the world.
  • or, they can create a photostory instead of an essay.

Make a copy of this Google document if you want my Animoto lesson plan.

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