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Missions and Hunts: Scavenger or QR

Hunts and Missions help get your scholars up and moving around as they complete assignments that allow you to see if they have mastered the content.  Take the time to change up your day by creating riddles that must be solved before they get to ‘the work.’ The goal for the day is still the same, for the “student to demonstrate their knowledge of …… ” whatever you’re teaching. Any activity can become a mission, with or without a QR code.

When I do this assignment, I group them so that they can work together as a team.  I like to have them solve a riddle and then find the code and then complete the assignment. The assignments don’t seem to hurt as much when they are allowed to work together as they answer questions and solve riddles.


This QR code scavenger hunt was my ‘faux back to school’ activity after Spring Break. I wanted to get them up and moving after a week away from school. I also wanted to be able to see how much of a vacation slide there was. They enjoyed the break. They were able to run around the building. Work was still being done, but not the usual boring way.

I got a “Thank you for making this assignment” and a “Wait, we have to go find QR codes and take pics?!? For real?!?! For a grade?!?”

I always try to add fun missions for them to complete along with the academic ones.  For example:

  • Capture a picture of the feeding ground workers.
  • Who are the keepers of the records?
  • Where is the literary lockup?
  • Not feeling well, where do you go?
  • In trouble, where do you report?
  • Need to buy a jacket, where do you go?
  • Take a photo with all of your team members high-fiving each other (or for bonus points each of you high-five a stranger) simultaneously.
  • Find two students with black shoes on and take a picture of them, side by side.
  • Find a coin of any denomination from 1999-2009.
  • Where can you find the Head Buc in charge?
  • Have a thumb war with a Dean.
  • Snap a shot of a team member standing under a lightbulb as if coming up with a brilliant idea.
  • Take a picture of someone taking a picture of you.
  • Capture a picture of your team with everyone’s feet off of the ground.
  • Make a tower of coins at least 30 high; 2 team members must be in the picture.
  • Construct and wear a pirate hat made of newspaper.
  • Snap a picture of your team from a “different perspective.”
  • Find a school mascot and capture a picture with 2 other members of your team.
  • Create a human chalk outline on the sidewalk in the quad.
  • Find the definition of “scavenger hunt” in a dictionary.
  • Introduce yourselves to the school secretary.

Try revamp one of your days to “mission” things up.

I plan to have them solving riddles and searching for QR codes during the first week back to school.

R E S O U R C E S:

QR codes allow you to encode any textual information, a website’s address, a link to an image or audio file, or a contact.

QR Code generators




QR Code scanners




Video responses: https://flipgrid.com/

Text responses and Opinionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms

Multiple choice quiz: https://quizizz.com/ 


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