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Creative student responses

Students can create visual text to demonstrate mastery. It’s not necessary to have your scholars write an essay or a report when they can create blog posts, infographics or videos instead.

Give them the guidelines and let them create. What do you need to see?

  • amount of text
  • number of images
  • vocabulary or concepts to address


What does this look like across disciplines: 

In an English class:

  • Be a literary, scientific, or historical character sharing a defining moment when a choice you made touched the world forever.
  • Visual response to fiction or nonfiction text.
  • Create legends or tall tales of a literary character
  • Tell about a person and what his or her life or work has taught us—or perhaps how his or her work or choices in life continue to touch our lives today.
  • Develop myths from “what would happen if.”
  • Create myths of “how things came to be” in your life, family, school, or business.
  • Change a current event into a tall tale or myth.
  • Develop a legend of a family member’s life or accomplishments.
  • Create a fairy tale using something from your own life.

In a Science class:

  • Show an animal’s habitat to support its diet.
  • Dialogue as parts of the brain on memorable experiences with the body.
  • Describe cell growth and division.
    habitat and diet of a certain animal species or species family.
  • Create the storytelling journey of a leaf eaten by an earthworm. Make the facts come alive from beginning to end as if you were one of the digestive parts along the way.
  • Describe bees and what you now realize about their contribution or importance to our world.
  • Show skeletal system growth, wear, strengthening, and deterioration.

In a Math class:

  • Be a decimal point, sharing your journey of being misunderstood and needing to clearly make a difference in the world.
  • Create a story, with characters, action, and character problems to solve, to illustrate the need for the concept and the particular use of the concept.
  • Develop a scenario for which regression statistics is necessary, and no other statistical test will resolve the problem. Include statements of why no other statistical test will resolve the problem.
  • Develop a scenario requiring linear algebra to resolve. Include statements of why no other approach will meet the needs of those in the situation.

In a History class:

  • Be the youngest child of an immigrant family, highlighting the facts and emotions experienced.
  • Create a character or cast of characters embedded in a time period, and tell the story through the characters.
  • Compare and contrast the social norms of 19th century England with those of 21st century England.
  • Compare and contrast Islam with Judaism.
  • Dialogue with another person across other eras or time periods, sharing your perspective and lessons learned on issues and events.
  • Compare and contrast the Obama Era with the Trump Era.
  • Compare and contrast Roman architecture with Bavarian architecture, circa 20th century.
  • Compare and contrast the art of different time periods.

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