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My most important tool is my cellphone

Your cellphone can be a connection to… everything. It’s not just for selfies, talking to friends and texting family members. I have my apps organized into folders so that they are easy to navigate. If I forget to post to my assignment blog, I have the ability to pull up the app in my

If I forget to post to my assignment blog, I have the ability to pull up the app in the Work Station folder on my phone and post as I walk towards my room. But before I post it, I grab a bitmoji image or create a word swag picture from my Pics folder to insert into the blog. When my scholars do something awesome, I open up my Social Me folder and post a picture on Instagram. A coworker needs access to something I have in Google Drive, my app in the Work Station folder lets me quickly send out a link.


COPY your class rosters!
Make copies of your class roster at the beginning of the year. You’ll need them for so many things — quick classroom games, a reference for substitutes, notes on behavior during an assembly, or field trip checklists. If your schedule changes like mine often does, you’ll need to make weekly copies of your schedule.  Sometimes a paper trail is necessary because the digital ones disappear.

Address Stickers
Tag everything  — scissors, shelves, books, rulers, staplers, pens, pencils, chairs, desks, notebooks, etc. — a return-address sticker lets you quickly create labels.

Track Your Time
How much of your day is used productively? Track where you spend your time.  For a few days, keep a log of your daily schedule. Be sure to note how long you take to accomplish your daily tasks. Identify your “time robbers” and create more efficient ways for tackling some of your work.

Velcro what you can
Use Velcro squares or dots to attach posters and student work to the walls. Attach velcro in the same spots on every poster (six inches from the center on both sides) and it becomes a breeze to put up and take down posters and work.

Google it….
Google Drive lets you create and share youe work online and access them from anywhere.

Check out garage sales and REUSE …
Baskets, containers, shelves, bags, boxes, canisters, jars, metal lunchboxes, old suitcases, racks, tins, trays, etc. They can be great containers for …. pens, pencils, markers, paper, binder clips, staples, rulers, glue sticks, etc.


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