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Class Participation

This year is almost over and I am thinking about next year. I am working out a different system for issuing class participation points.  I [...]

Daily slides to ‘show’ daily agenda

When the students walk in and see this slide, they know that for today’s class they will need to get out their workbooks, paper and th [...]

Smore posters

Smore online posters are great tools to use to publish and showcase work/information. I have not used them in class yet, but I intend to hav [...]

More about

Lately I have been delivering presentations about creating ePortfolios using My latest presentation was given for Live.Classroom [...]

Rigor can be cute (thx #TCEA13 – I had forgotten)

My daughter wants to know why I still go to Tech Conferences because I know evvvvverything that they are going to talk about.  Nnnnnot!! Bu [...]

Do you Google? If not, why…..?

Google has a product for everything that you might want and need while on the internet. Searchng for something? Need a website? Have a docum [...]

#LACUE2012 Recap 1

This post is a quick recap of all of the wonderful things that this year’s LACUE 2012 has inspired me to share with my students and my [...]

#Tips4Students for #npredchat

For those of you who don’t know, National Public Radio (NPR), is gathering information to be used for a LIVE radio broadcast to be air [...]
My Class ...

A Vision of K-12 Students Today

  I first saw this video October 10, 2009. Almost 3 years later I ask myself, what am I doing for them?!?!?!?! In my class in addition [...]

Rules, Expectations and Routines

One of the keys to having a successful school year is to establish classroom rules or expectations and routines.  Our students will not kno [...]

Remind 101 = a way to connect with students and their parents

Getting ready for back to school and I am trying to find ways to connect with my students.  YES, I will be Tweeting. YES, I will have posts [...]
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